Announcement – COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, effective today, 3/18/20, BSW CrossFit will not be accepting DROP-INS. This policy will be in effect through March 31, 2020 and could be extended based on the situation at that point in time. If you have any questions, please call me (Jeff Bennett) at 864-918-0288.

Class Cancellation!

5:30 AM Class Cancelled Friday, 2/21/20

Hey All! Due to the inclement weather this afternoon and the cold temps tonight, we are worried about the high possibility of black ice in the morning. Therefore, we are going to go ahead and cancel the 5:30 AM Class on Friday, 2/21/20. The 4:30 PM class will go on as scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

February 2020 Physical Challenge

SUPER EXCITED to ANNOUNCE the February 2020 Physcial Challenge! 300 Prowler Pushes! BEACH WORKOUT BABY!


300 Prowler Pushes – D&B (90/50)


Sc1 – 200 Prowler Pushes – D&B (50/20)

Sc2 – 200 Prowler Pushes – D&B (No wght)


  1. Tall prowler handles down, low prowler handles back
  2. Rear prowler skies must pass the cone each way

January 2020 Physical Challenge Announcement!

January 2020 Physical Challenge


200 Rope Climbs

500 Devil Presses (35/20)


Sc1 – 300 Pull-ups, 500 Devil Presses (35/20)

Sc2 – 400 Blue Band Assisted Pull-ups, 600 Devil Presses (20/10)

Sc3 – 500 Green Band Assisted Pull-ups, 600 Devil Presses (20/10)


  1. On the rope climbs the athlete must touch the knot at the top of the rope
  2. On the Pull-ups, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended at the bottom of the pull-up.  At the top of the pull-up the athlete’s chin must be above the bar.
  3. On the Devil Presses, the athlete’s chest must touch the ground (at the nipple line) on the burpee portion of the movement.  The athlete’s arms, hips and knees must be fully extended during the overhead portion of the movement
  4. Athletes must log their numbers in the logbook each day that they complete reps.
  5. Athletes cannot mix Rx and Sc1, Sc2 and Sc3 during the month.  The athlete must pick one division and complete the challenge with that division.

See Devil Press Tutorial in the following link.

Devil Press Turtorial

BSW CrossFit Christmas/New Year Schedule!

Sunday – 12/22/19 – Regular Schedule

Monday – 12/23/19 – Regular Schedule – 12 Days of Christmas Workout

Tuesday – 12/24/19 – 9 AM CrossFit Class

Wednesday – 12/25/19 (Christmas Day) – Gym Closed

Thursday – 12/26/19 – 6 PM CrossFit Class

Friday – 12/27/19 – Regular Schedule

Saturday – 12/28/29 – Gym Closed

Sunday – 12/29/19 – Regular Schedule

Monday – 12/30/19 – Regular Schedule

Tuesday – 12/31/19 – Regular Schedule

Wednesday – 1/1/20 (Happy New Year) – Gym Closed

Thursday – 1/2/19 – Back on regular schedule for 2020


700 American Kettlebell Swings – Rx (70/55)

500 Wallballs – Rx (20/14) (10’/9′)

Phase 1 Scaled Challenge – 900 KB (55/35), 600 WB (14/10) (10’/9′)

Phase 2 Scaled Challenge – 1100 KB (35/20), 700 WB (14/10) (9’/8′)

Kettlebell Standards – Kettlebell must break the 90 degree plane of the athlete’s body at the bottom side. The arms, hips and knees must be fully extended at the top side. At the top side the kettlebell bottom must be toward the ceiling or tilted slightly forward.

Wallball Standards – The athlete must start with the ball under the chin with knees and hips fully extended. The athlete will perform a full squat with the athlete’s bottom passing below the knee crease. The athlete will then push to a standing position while pushing the wallball up hitting the target above the required height. If the athlete drops the ball, they must start the next rep fully extended with the ball under the chin. For the target, the ball must hit above the required height.

November Gym Schedule

Hey All! We’ve got some changes to the gym schedule the week beginning 11/4/19 and also Thanksgiving week, the week beginning 11/25/19. Please see the following.

Monday 11/4 – Regular Schedule

Tuesday 11/5 – Regular Schedule

Wednesday 11/6- Regular Schedule

Thursday 11/7 – 5:30 AM CrossFit Class – Clayton, 6:00 PM CrossFit Class – Christian

Friday 11/8 – CANCELLED 5:30 AM CrossFit Class, 4:30 PM CrossFit Class – Clayton


Monday 11/25 – Regular Schedule

Tuesday 11/26 – Regular Schedule

Wednesday 11/27 – Regular Schedule


Friday 11/29 – ONE CLASS TODAY, 9 AM CrossFit Class

Saturday 11/30 – Gym Closed

Sunday 12/1 – Regular Schedule