February 2017 Athlete Profile! – Ashley Wardlaw


February 2017 Athlete – Ashley Wardlaw 

1)      What is you occupation?

Teacher & Coach


2)      What is your hometown?

Greer, SC


3)      What is your favorite workout?

Toes-2-Bar and anything with a Partner WOD.


4)      What is your favorite lift?



5)      What class do you usually attend?

5:30 on Monday and Wednesday

4:30 on Friday

3:30 on Sunday


6)      How did you find out about BSW CrossFit?

I coached Jeff and Teresa’s daughter Caroline, but Brianna Kellett finally convinced me to come.


7)      Did you participate in a sport in high school or college?

I was a cheerleader in high school and college


8)      How long have you been doing CrossFit?

2 years


9)   What is the toughest part of CrossFit for you?

The Lifts!  I always doubt myself in lifts.  It’s more of a mental hurdle for me.


10)   Has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym?

CrossFit has taught me perseverance.  It’s easy telling others not to quit, but fighting thru workouts personally has taught me the meaning of perseverance.


11)   What or who motivates and inspires you?

My husband, Nate, inspires me.  He makes me believe that anything is possible.  Competition also motivates me.  I enjoy competing.  And, beating myself is ALWAYS AWESOME!


12)   What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?

Hanging out with my dog Zoey!


13)   What is your favorite aspect of BSW CrossFit?

The CHALLENGE!  There are always workout that challenge me and I LOVE meeting those challenges! 


14)   Do you have any tips for new members? 

          Don’t listen to haters.

          Try it

          Embrace it



15)   What is your favorite memory at BSW CrossFit?

MURPH, Memorial Day 2016

From the prayer to start the warm-up to the last ½ mile, the feeling was unreal.  This is what CrossFit is all about!!!