The MASTERS TOUR SC-Pride 2017


We want to thank all of the MASTERS competitors in this year MASTERS TOUR SC-Pride competition!  You guys were AWESOME!  We also want to thank the following sponsors for your support of this years MASTERS TOUR SC-Pride.

Pepsi of Greenville

Atlas Wraps




In addition we want to thank CrossFit Potentia and CrossFit Greer for their support in lending us equipment for our event!  These are two AWESOME gyms.

Last but not least we want to thank our volunteers!  Without them, this competition would not have been possible.  Their commitment of time and effort was tremendous.

This was our 3rd year of hosting this competition and it has gotten better with each year.  We are constantly looking for areas in the competition where we can improve to make the competition even better next year.  Thank you! for your participation and we look forward to seeing everyone again at The MASTERS TOUR SC-Pride 2018!